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Stomatologia na Moniuszki

Stomatologia na Moniuszki in Zielona Góra is run by Doctor Anna Studnicka-Wróbel and Doctor Grzegorz Wróbel.

Both doctors gained medical knowledge and extensive professional experience at the Pomeranian Medical University and at the best dental clinics in Szczecin.
While acquiring knowledge and experience, Dr. Anna became interested in orthodontics, which is why she worked in the dental office of Ars Dentica in Szczecin, which specializes in orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry.
Doctor Anna Studnicka – Wróbel

Dr. Grzegorz worked at Dental Clinic Smaga dealing with comprehensive and specialized treatment of patients from Poland and abroad. His tasks included designing a patient’s smile based on the latest solutions in the field of prosthetics and implant prosthetics.
Doctor Grzegorz Wróbel

After many years of work and gaining experience, Dr. Anna and Dr. Grzegorz decided to open their own dental studio. From 2015, they care for a healthy and beautiful smile of patients in Zielona Góra.

Dentist Zielona Góra

Health, Aesthetics, Orthodontics, Prosthetics, Porcelain veneers, Crowns, Prosthetic bridles, Prostheses, Teeth whitening..




All in one dental clinic

To provide the best service and be able to achieve the highest available level of health we made our dental clinic a all in one dental clinic, which means that all dental treatments can be done in our dental office. Different kinds of dental treatments need different kinds of special equipment.

In our dental clinic we have all which is needed to take care of your dental health and aesthetics.


Panoramic dental X-ray


Dental Microscope








Dental treatments



Financing and installment payments

All commercial services of our facility can be implemented without involving funds financed in advance and paid in convenient installments.

    Financing treatments





If you have questions do not hesitate, contact us! Call, write or use the contact form.

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Uśmiech otwiera drzwi i znosi bariery

A smile opens doors and removes barriers






We invite you to Stomatolagia na Moniuszki.

Dr. Anna Studnicka-Wróbel  & Dr. Grzegorz Wróbel


Dentysta Zielona Góra